Sep 26 2010

‘Leaving Barstow’. Feeling lost.

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So I was watching ‘Leaving Barstow’ few days ago.


‘Growing up in Barstow, CA, high school senior Andrew hopes for a bigger world — but his devotion to his mother, Sandra, and his awakening attraction to newcomer Jenny, combine to keep him tied to home. Andrew’s loyalties become confused and his prior ambitions begin to fade as he realizes he must make the most difficult of all decisions — choosing between himself and the people he loves.’ –

‘Leaving Barstow’ is about a teenager named as Andrew. Andrew has a lot of problems – family problem, girl problem and school problem. I mean, ‘teenager’ is always one of my favourite topics of films. Because I can always feel the same way they did in the films – feeling lost.

At the beginning of the movie, a girl keeps singing ‘…nobody knows me at all…’, and I was thinking what if I could go somewhere else and start all over again, I bet it would be very great. Maybe it is one of the ideas that the film tried to express.

At first, Andrew decided not to go to college until his teacher has come talk to him in the bookstore. I think this scene is kind of showing an adult trying to pull a kid from his fancy world and forcing him to face the reality or life which is ‘suck’. ‘…sometime we are happy, but mostly, it’s suck…’, though this line didn’t come from Andrew’s mouth but I could see that Peter Paige, the director of this film, was trying to bring messages out from every single actors’ mouths in the film.

‘Leaving Barstow’ is just more than talking about teenage problems. It also talks about adult problems and discusses about ‘life’. A single mum falling in love with a young country singer who is only older than her son 4 years old. A girl used to want to go to Los Angelus and used to have dream to become whatever but somehow, don’t know why, she has still never been to that place and leaves her dream incomplete. And a broadcaster always complaining about not getting promotion and no one talking to him during the show blablabla…

Of course, every problem has its solution, and in the film, it doesn’t matter what the solution Andrew has got, it’s about how happy he was when he figured it out and it’s just like seeing the light in the dark. In fact, when Andrew got the letter from the college, he was smiling and his back was facing the sunset. I really like that scene!

This movie is absolutely an encouragement and stated how people start chasing their dreams though they are not sure if their decisions are right or not. I mean, everyone must has sometime felt lost. But that’s okay, that’s life.
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